Pvc aluminum trim coil in Pakistan

Pvc aluminum trim coil in Pakistan is metal products used in flying shears after foundries and are calendered and stretched. Aluminum coils are widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery and other industries. aluminum foil suppliers There are many Pvc aluminum trim coil in Pakistan production enterprises in China, and the production process has caught up with developed countries.

pvc aluminum trim coil in Pakistan

1. Composite layer shedding: irregular defects formed by the aluminum cladding of the composite material, Pvc aluminum trim coil in Pakistan leaving the substrate and falling off.

2, embossing: due to strip wrinkles, broken strips and other causes of irregular surface chromatic aberration during the rolling process is printed on the surface of the strip chromatic aberration phenomenon.

Wave: A general term for various inhomogeneities caused by uneven deformation of plates and strips. The waves generated by the plates and edges are called edge waves, the waves generated in the middle are called medium waves, Pvc aluminum trim coil in Pakistan and the waves between the middle and the edges are neither in the middle nor on both sides. -rib wave, small size. Usually, a circular wave is called a broken wave.

4. Warpage: After rolling or cutting, the edges of the strip are lifted.

5, side bend: the longitudinal side is the plate, and the belt exists in a non-flat state that is curved to the side.

6. Folding: The core of Pvc aluminum trim coil in Pakistan is severely deformed and the roller is not round.

7. Interlaced layer: Irregularly, it is displaced between the end layer and the strip layer and also results in uneven end faces.

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