Introduction to Color Coated Aluminum Coil


Color coated aluminum coil is also called organic color coated aluminum coil. It is made of aluminum coil as substrate, coated or laminated with various organic paints or plastic films. Because it is a surface-coated coil in a metallurgical plant that can be directly processed into a product, it is also called pre-coated coil.

color coated aluminum coil


Application of Color Coated Aluminum Coil


Color coated aluminum coil in the use of a wide range, including use in building (aluminous model board, aluminum honeycomb, wave plate, roof fire stick panel, aluminum ceiling, blinds, doors, garage doors, awning, the water gutter), electronic appliances, computer case, electrical panel), solar reflector, decorative lighting, furniture, air conditioning duct, leftover material and cans, etc.

color coated aluminum coil application


Aluminum Coating Classification


Mingtai color coated aluminum coils adopt the famous brand raw materials. It includes several classifications:


PE(polyester) Coating


PE(polyester) coating:high molecular polymer as monomer and addition of alkyd, is an UV-resistant coating. It can be classified matt and glossy according to coating gloss. The compact molecule structure, makes paint surface luster and smooth,which assure good printing on the panel surface. With an warranty of 8-10 years for weather resistance, it is specially applied for internal decoration and sign board.


PVDF(fluorine-carbon) Coating


PVDF(fluorine-carbon) coating :made of fluorine carbon resin, pigment, ester solvent, after high temperature roasting and baking, the paint is solidified to dry film with super weather resistance. PVDF coating also can be classified as traditional PVDF and nanometer PVDF coating.


A.Traditional PVDF Coating, with KYNAR500 PVDF, two or three times for coating and baking, has good properties of anti-acid, anti-alkali and is durable in atrocious weather and environment, keeping 15 years no unwonted fading. In view of these facts, we recommend this panel applied for external wall cladding.


B.Nanometer PVDF Coating, which different with traditional PVDF is the clear coating. It contains nanometer element, which can protect panel from pollution, Because nanometer has self-cleaning effect, It easy to get rid of dust and pollution by raining or water.

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