Mingtai aluminum coil has a broad market

Mingtai aluminum coils have excellent performance. Series 1-8 aluminum coils are commonly used series. The production process is strictly controlled, the technology is relatively mature, and the price has a huge advantage. Aluminum coil has good elongation and tensile strength, can fully meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, stretching), high formability, easy to withstand various processing, drawing and bending.



Mingtai has a production and R&D team of nearly 480 people, leading management level, and perfect service system, which together capture the strong competitive strength of Mingtai Aluminum. China’s largest listed private aluminum sheet supplier and aluminum coil manufacturer in china and the first domestically developed (1+4) hot-rolling production line, one after another technology and product innovations, have confirmed Mingtai Aluminum’s influence and strength in the international market.